Pharmaceutical Litigation

New Haven County Court, New Haven, CT

The firm has an active pharmaceutical defense practice and has defended manufacturers in a wide variety of pharmaceutical and product liability claims.

In addition, Donahue, Durham and Noonan, P.C. acts as Connecticut counsel in Multi District Litigation (MDL) cases involving phenylpropanolamine (PPA), hormone replacement therapy as well as contraceptive patch litigation. The firm works closely with a client's national counsel to promptly and efficiently obtain critical background medical records as well as depose all key Connecticut parties or fact witnesses.

As a result of its experience in pharmaceutical and medical malpractice litigation, the firm has developed an extensive network of contacts in the medical community and, thus, is able to identify and retain credible expert witnesses on our clients' behalf.

The firm successfully represented Upjohn in Vitanza v. Upjohn, 257 Conn. 365 (2001), in which the Connecticut Supreme Court first recognized the applicability of the Learned Intermediary Doctrine in the context of Connecticut pharmaceutical Product Liability claims.

For further information concerning our Pharmaceutical Litigation section, please contact Tim Donahue or Mike Durham.