Healthcare / ERISA Litigation

Henry Whitfield State Museum, Guildford, CT

Our firm has provided legal representation to healthcare insurers for more than 20 years.  We have successfully defended insurers in benefit claims involving medical necessity and experimental/ investigational service issues as well as claims brought by provider societies and hospitals regarding credentialing, business practices and reimbursements.  These cases invariably include claims alleging ERISA violations, Bad Faith and violations of Connecticut's Unfair Trade and Unfair Insurance Practices Act.

Our attorneys regularly represent the interests of healthcare insurers in connection with inquiries and investigations by the Connecticut Legislature, the Connecticut Department of Insurance as well as the Connecticut Attorney General's Office and the Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission.  We have worked extensively with various healthcare representatives to prepare and represent them in both legislative and judicial hearings as well as arbitration proceedings.

As an outgrowth of representing health insurers, we also handle ERISA matters and the defense of claims involving long term disability and life insurance policies, as such, our attorneys frequently remove cases to Federal Court on behalf of healthcare insurers sued in the Connecticut Superior Court.